About Us

Pantherun products cater to the global market of Industrial communication and controls. We build electronic products that can work at wide temperatures and harsh working conditions. This is the need of the hour, in mission critical applications like Factories, Railway, Transportation and Smart City solutions.

We have a specialised product team, building products in a revolutionary approach never before seen in the Industrial sector.

Design of the product is done in India and Taiwan, and this high precision product range, made to high quality in Taiwan and India and sold all over the world, through partners.



Pantherun’s team of engineers and market specialists, come with over 150 man years of combined experience building and selling products into this niche of the market.

This is a market that relies of experience and relationships that our team has built over time. Using this knowledge of the market, we have developed a range of over 40 solution variations that will cater to the needs of customer around the world, extending from the Americas, all the way, through Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia.